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Let us make your workplace safe

If health and safety at work is one of your main concerns, CWU South East Anglia Branch has guidelines in place to ensure you have a safe and hazard-free workplace. Contact our team in Chelmsford today to be a part of the change.

We place a high priority on health, safety and the environment 

The union's National Health, Safety & Environment Department has many responsibilities including national level negotiations with employers, and external organisations such as the TUC, and the HSE, as well as with MPs. CWU South East Anglia Branch places a high priority on health, safety and environmental concerns, and has one department with the responsibility for dealing with these matters, across the whole of the union. We strive to maintain consistent policies and high standards of health and safety for the union's membership.

We deal with a wide range of policy issues in our health and safety campaigns. Branches, safety reps and regional health and safety forums play a vital role in promoting these issues and campaigns.

The head of department is National Officer Dave Joyce.


Letters to branches
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Key aims of our health department:

  • Avoid or prevent accident and ill health by employers
  • Access prompt care and advice in case of ill health or injury 
  • In case of accident, employers take measures to minimise the impact of ill health and support the workers
  • Employers to provide safe and healthy workplaces by identifying hazards and taking the necessary factors to mitigate them
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Supporting and protecting our members

Any work carried out by the department is reported via the ten Regional Health and Safety Forums, LTBs, Branch Officials Bulletins, Safety Rep Newsletters, Voice Magazine, our website and CWU Annual Report, the Health, Safety & Environment Sub-Committee, T & FSE and PEC Health, Safety & Environment Sub Committees.

The union supports and protects its members, while promoting their interests when it comes to health and safety issues. Any concerns can be processed through the network of health and safety committees, which make consultative arrangements through nationally recognised agreements.

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For health and safety at work, call CWU South East Anglia Branch on 01245 211 960 or visit our team in Chelmsford.
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