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Do you want to get back to learning? Perhaps, you wish to take up a course that will improve your current skill levels in a particular field. At CWU South East Anglia Branch, we believe that trade union education can completely transform the lives of working people and are dedicated to providing all our members with many opportunities to learn more and enhance their skills.

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Learn more and enhance your current skills

At CWU South East Anglia Branch, we focus on ensuring our members have the opportunity to take up their desired course at a time and place that suits them, and at an agreeable price. We offer a range of courses to  help our members improve their skills and grow in their industry. Our courses can be completed at our learning centre; at a college, library or club; online, by correspondence; by CD-ROM or even on TV. If you need expert guidance on which courses best suit you, our union learning reps are trained to assist members in finding the best options available, and offer impartial advice.

If you are interested in learning about health and safety regulations, CWU South East Anglia Branch also offers health and safety courses in the Chelmsford area.
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Courses you can undertake:

  • General resources 
  • Computers and IT 
  • Arts and crafts 
  • Languages
  • Skills for life
  • History and science 
  • Higher education
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Courses for CWU activists

We also offer a wide range of courses in union skills, disciplinary procedures, public speaking, employment law, media skills and more for CWU South East Anglia Branch activists.

As a union, we strive to provide quality education and achieve equality in the workplace. 
We can also assist our members in running for public office.

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