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We are a campaigning union, making our collective voice heard over issues like fair pay, pensions, just terms and conditions, health and safety, equal opportunities and politics in the communications industry. We are affiliated to the TUC and UNI. Working together gives us the strength to strive for equality, security and fairness. Please join us in if you are not a member already, or take a look at our campaigns to see how we support our members.
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We have a number of vacant positions within the branch committee which we need to fill so as to be able to support and represent all members of the branch effectively.

These positions are open to all members regardless of who they are employed by, but you should be aware that they are voluntary positions, you will not be paid to carry out these roles, you will be able to claim back any legitimate expenses that you incur, though.There are some roles which do however attract paid release from the employer although only for short periods.It is not essential that you come from a particular community, although it would be helpful.

The Vacant positions are as follows,

General workplace Rep,

The role would be to act as a contact within your workplace for the branch and where members can speak a person in the same position as themselves. This would allow us to address issues before they become a problem.This role is very important in work places other than where we have our core membership.  


The Black,Asian,Minority Ethnics, Rep,s role is to support those members from the BAME community who make up almost 15% of our membership but have no representative within the branch. BAME also has its own conference once a year which as the BAME rep you would be eligible to attend

Ex HM Forces Rep,

As you will be aware BT and other employers have in recent years been very active in taking on members of the Armed Forces when they leave the service. The EHMF Reps role would be to provide the first contact of a broader support mechanism to include other bodies such as SAFFA,RBL,RAFA RNA and others this would allow the branch to have a representative who is able to relate to a number issues which comes with uniquely from having served, Please be aware that as far as we know this is a role unique to this branch, we are not aware of any others within the CWU or indeed the TEC. This is an opportunity to build the role from the ground up.


The Lesbian,Gay,BiSexual,Transgender reps role like that of the BAME is to support those from the LGBT community who have at this time no representative in the branch. The LGBT section of the Union also has its own conference once a year which as the LGBT rep you would be eligible to attend.

Union Learning Rep

The CWU believes that trade union education can transform the lives of working people for the better and is committed to providing all our members with opportunities to learn. The aim of the ULR role would be to provide guidance and encouragement to members who wish to further their education and to search out education programs for members to then apply for.

This role does ,in some circumstances, attract paid release from the employer 

Union Safety Rep.

The role of USR is usually the first stepping stone for members to advance further within the Union. You would be,after training and depending on your employer ,be given responsibility for Health and Safety inspections in a number of buildings where you would report any faults to the employer. You would also be expected to advised members on aspects of H&S which could effect them, and again after relevant training to carry out accident investigations reporting to the CWU and management. 

This role does attract paid release from the employer although exact details may need to be negotiated locally.

Committee member without portfolio 

As a branch committee member you will have a say in how the branch is run, from how and where we spend the branch money, to on what political issues we should be supporting,or not! Please note that no training is required for this role.

The CWU is able to provide training for all the positions above, ether specifically for the role or under the Equality reps training at the Unions own training centre at Alvescot Lodge in Oxfordshire or depending on the nature of the course and numbers of applicants, locally.

The branch committee meets on a Wednesday evening from 7pm till 10pm every 2-3 months, usually in Chelmsford

This is an opportunity for you to become more involved in YOUR Union , an opportunity to stand for your work colleagues and put the issues which effect them and yourself on the table. We can only be effective if we know what the issues are this is why people on the ground a so vitally important. 

If you would like to apply for one, or more, of the posts or just would like more information, please contact the branch office, at

office@cwusea.org or call 01245 211960

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Nigel Bailey,
CWU South East Anglia Branch Sec,
01245 211960/07983 001825
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The Communication Workers Union, formed in January 1995, is the biggest union for the communications industry in the UK with 199,443 members. We represent members in postal, telecom, mobile, administrative and financial companies including Royal Mail Group, UK Mail and BT, Telefonica O2, Virgin Media, EE and Santander, as well as Capita. Our members specialise in engineering, computing, clerical, mechanical, driving, retail, financial, call centre and manual skills.

At CWU South East Anglia Branch, Chelmsford, we offer our members benefits, such as free legal advice, will writing, and discounted motor, home and travel insurance.

Our objectives at CWU South East Anglia Branch:
  • To provide excellent representation for all CWU members
  • To achieve employment security for all members
  • To offer individual membership services 
  • To promote the success of the industries in which our members work
  • To campaign against any form of discrimination at the workplace
  • To expand the influence of the union throughout the national and international community
  • To increase trade union membership throughout the communications industry
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